We welcome you to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School-our faith home. Our family reflects the many faces and races of God's children in its rich diversity of culture and spirit of faith that we celebrate together.

Providentially named after the cousin of Jesus who heralded the coming of the Savior-salvation to us all-St. John the Baptist Catholic continues to herald hope and joy, and has done so since its founding in 1858. We are blessed with a sacred heritage that we treasure and belong to, for in these sacred places we worship, work, rejoice in the spirit that reflects Christ among us in generations past, present and to come.

Mission / Vision / Values

Our Mission: Coming Together
in faith to pray and follow in the path of Jesus Christ, to serve as committed stewards of our Catholic faith through our parish church and school, and to minister with compassion to each other and our community.

Our Vision: Renewing
our individual faith and our faith family through prayer, celebration, mutual support, inclusivity, and hospitality, that we might walk more closely with God in Jesus Christ.

Our Faith-Based Values in Christ
Build Unity - Foster Youth - Celebrate Diversity - Respect Traditions - Serve Others.

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